Being Financially Responsible Series: Planning for a Child

Saving for a child is an uphill battle that might seem impossible. Although this is what it seems like, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to plan for a child financially before they are born and after, that will set your family up for success in the future. Do your research … Continued

What Affects the Housing Market?

Calling the housing market “crazy” is a common term that is used to define this ever-changing process. It is easy to dismiss this description instead of really understanding what it means when everyone describes the housing market as “crazy”. There are many factors that affect the housing market. Understanding each one will be helpful for … Continued

Tips For Saving For Vacation

Although it might seem impossible, saving for your dream vacation can be achievable. Just follow these quick steps and that unreachable vacation will be closer than you think. Figure out how much your vacation will cost – Having a clear idea of how much your vacation will cost will help you set a goal for … Continued

What is a Money Market Account?

Money market accounts are another type of savings account that can help you reach your financial goals. This type of account is similar to a certificate account because they are generally higher-earning interest accounts compared to standard savings accounts. If you would like to compare certificates and money market accounts, read our article on certificates … Continued

What is a Certificate?

Life gets so busy and moves so fast sometimes it is hard to remember to keep saving money towards the top of your priority list. Depending on where you are in your financial journey, a Certificate might be right for you. You may have heard of a Certificate, but don’t know what it actually means. … Continued

What to do When Fraud is Suspected

Figuring out what to do when you suspect fraud in your financial accounts can feel like an uphill battle. Especially when you don’t know where to turn or what steps to take when you have a compromised account. It is important to remember that if something like this occurs, you’re not alone and there are … Continued

Tips for Identifying Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is a topic that seems to get lost when talking about scams. Since this is the case, many people fall victim to financial scams, and don’t know what to look for when they encounter these scams. Read up on tips to spot these financial fraud scams to ensure your accounts are safe. Watch … Continued

Do You Have Unclaimed Property?

Have you received an unclaimed property letter this year, or do think you may have ownership/legal rights to dormant funds? The Wisconsin Department of Revenue addresses common questions and provides other great resources here, or, for queries specific to GCU, please call (414) 546-7450 and ask for our Internal Audit Department.

What Savings Account is Best for You?

In a world full of unlimited information, we seem to get lost at times and never know what is credible and what is not. This can translate to your financial education as well. Finding out which savings account or accounts works best for you can seem like a hill that can’t be climbed, but that … Continued

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