Tips For Helping Teens Build Credit

Establishing good credit is essential, and like many things in life, the earlier you start, the better. While the need for a solid credit might seem far off at this stage in life, getting a leg up on your credit history can pay dividends down the road. Here are some tips to help you or … Continued

The Homebuying Process: The Closing & Homeownership Phase

So, you did it: you reached the closing phase of the homebuying process. Congratulations! But just because you reached the final step doesn’t mean your journey is finished. In fact, in many ways, it’s just beginning. After becoming a homeowner, you are responsible for your home for the length of your lease, and the care … Continued

Home Appraisals: What You Need to Know

In our previous post, we talked about home inspections and why getting one is a good idea. Similar to inspections, getting an appraisal is a good idea, but unlike inspections, appraisals are required by lenders in an effort to protect their investment. There are many more similarities and differences between appraisals and inspections, and we’re … Continued

Home Inspections: What You Need to Know

Getting a home inspection is a very important part of the homebuying process. With the competitive nature of the market lately, many buyers are opting out of getting an inspection in an effort to present a superior offer to sellers, as an inspection is not mandatory when obtaining a mortgage. While this may be more … Continued

The Homebuying Process – The Shopping and Buying Phase

After you’re done with all the prep work for finding your new home, it’s time to start the next phase: the Shopping and Buying Phase. If everything goes to plan, once this phase is completed, you’ll have found the home of your dreams, and the next step is making it yours. So, what all goes … Continued

Renting vs. Owning: Is Homeownership Right For You?

You’ve been renting your apartment for a while, and you’re looking to change things up. You’ve been able to afford your rent without any problems, and you’re hoping to make the move into something more permanent. The next logical step is buying a home, right? This is the line of thinking for many people, and … Continued

How to Begin Saving for a Home

When saving for a home, there are a lot more things to account for than just the cost of your mortgage. The down payment, inspection and appraisal fees, closing costs, ongoing costs like bills and HOA fees, and paying for any repairs or renovations are just a few additional costs to consider when becoming a … Continued

The Homebuying Process – The Planning Phase

The Planning Phase is the first step in the homebuying process, and it can help potential buyers get off on the right foot. It can be tempting to go into this process all guns blazing, but there are a handful of steps you should take to be as prepared as possible. These steps include: Credit … Continued

The Homebuying Process – An Overview

Buying a home is a very exciting, albeit stressful, process for many people. There are a lot of steps that go into buying a home, and navigating through each phase can be overwhelming. From the planning phase, to the shopping and buying phase, until eventually closing on your dream home, Guardian is here for you … Continued

Guardian Cares 2022 – Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach

Guardian Credit Union is once again choosing to support a local non-profit organization as part of its Guardian Cares program for 2022. This year, the chosen organization is Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach. Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach is a small, not-for-profit organization that travels throughout the county to deliver things like hot food, drinking water, clothing, … Continued

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