Stash Rewards

Guardian Credit Union's Stash Debit Card Rewards Program helps you establish and build a savings account you can use for future needs. Each transaction you make with your GCU debit card will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

The round-up amount will then go into a Stash Rewards savings account that only allows for funds from debit card round-up transactions. The funds accrued from the transactions for the given a month will earn a BONUS 10% APR* dividend. 

The Facts

  • Each transaction you make using your debit card will round-up to the nearest dollar and funds will be put into a special savings account based on the program they have signed up for. 

  • You will earn a monthly special bonus dividend of 10% APR* on only the round-ups funds generated that same month. 

  • All funds in account will receive a standard savings rated listed on the rates page. 

  • The Stash Rewards savings account will be locked from receiving additional funds other than the round-up amounts. 

  • You will have access to the funds at any time. 

  • Round-Up funds are taken out of your checking account after transaction has cleared. No round-up funds will be taken out if account is less than $10.

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*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Earn 10% APR on monthly round up funds. Remaining balances will receive standard interest rate, found on the Savings Rate page, after first month and ongoing thereafter. View terms and conditions