Shopping for a new vehicle?  
Buying a vehicle is serious business. Aside from a home purchase, it’s often the second largest purchase you'll make.

That's where GCU can help! We've been providing the Milwaukee community with auto loans since 1934. We pride ourselves on providing our members with super-low loan rates, local servicing, and easy-to-work-with staff.

Lean on us to provide you with the expertise you need to help you through every step of your new or used vehicle purchase.

Where to begin?
You first want to figure out how much you can afford to spend. If you’d rather buy than lease, think about applying for a loan before you get to the auto lot. That will help you set your price range.

Next, start looking for the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. For example, buying a sports car today may not fit where you are headed tomorrow. You want to ask yourself:

  • Who will be riding in the car? (you / spouse / family)
  • Where will you be driving? (work / trips / anywhere and everywhere)
  • How much gas will it use?
  • What sort of maintenance will it require?
  • How much will your license and insurance cost?

New or used?
A new vehicle is great - you are its first owner and you will receive the full factory warranty. However, you can often obtain exactly what you want in a used vehicle at a more attractive price.

If you do decide that a used vehicle is what you want, be careful. Whether you buy from a dealer or from a private seller, take your time and utilize the resources at your disposal. There are many books and websites that provide excellent purchasing advice. 

Also keep in mind that most of us aren't mechanically inclined, so once you've test-driven the vehicle, take it to a licensed mechanic for a final inspection, or even better - hire your mechanic to accompany you to the auto lot.

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Here at Guardian Credit Union, we pride ourselves on providing our members with super-low loan rates, local servicing, and easy-to-work with staff. Our loan experts ensure your loan is completed timely and accurately to get you what you need sooner. Whether it is a new auto, home, or a repair - we've got the loan that's made for you.