Guardian's New Credit Cards

Visa Platinum Card

If you usually carry a balance, this card lets you take advantage of our lowest rate possible: as low as 9.24% for qualified borrowers.

0% APR for balance transfer and 1.99% APR for purchases  for 6 months for qualifying borrowers. 

Visa Platinum Rewards Card

The GCU VISA Platinum Rewards Card is perfect for your adventurous side. You will earn one reward point with every $1 spent in net retail purchases toward cash, gift cards, merchandise and travel. As low as 11.99% APR for qualified borrowers.

Visa Platinum Secured Card

The GCU Visa Platinum Secured Card will give you the opportunity to establish or improve your credit responsibly. Secured by funds in a GCU savings account with a deposit of $300 to $1,000.

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Check out our rates and card card agreement. Apply at one of our branches or by phone at (414) 546-7450.

Features included with all of our Visa Platinum Cards

Helpful Information

Important Phone Numbers For Your GCU VISA Credit Card

24/7 Credit Card Support: 855-633-0299

Lost/Stolen Credit Card: 800-449-7728

Credit Card Activation: 800-631-3197

Mail Payments for your GCU VISA Credit Card

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