The Soaring Savers Club rewards kids for saving while offering educational resources on saving and other money topics.

Our Soaring Savers Kids Club allows kids 12 and under to open an account with a parent or guardian as a custodian. Deposits can be made in person, by mail, by automatic transfer or by direct deposit. The account custodian must be present when withdrawals are made. Interest is earned on balances over $25. The Soaring Savers Kids Club rewards kids for saving while offering educational resources on budgeting and other money topics.

Benefits to Kids Club Members

Club Welcome Kit

When the account is opened, kids get a savings register and piggy bank.

Rewards for Saving

Every day your child makes a deposit in person, he or she receives a prize. Bring your child in near his or her birthday to receive a bonus prize!

Many Ways to Save

We offer a Car Fund, Education Fund, and Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) to save for specific moments in your child's future. Certificates of deposit can also be opened in your child's name for short or long term savings at a higher interest rate.

Added Benefits of GCU Membership

  • Discounts on tickets to places like Noah's Ark, Six Flags and more!

  • Free Mobile Access with GuardianMobile

  • Free Mobile Apps for the iPhone and Android

Account Information

Minimum To Open

  • $5


  • Interest on balances above $25

Monthly Fee

  • None

Transaction Fees
  • Miscellaneous fee may apply