Through the Soaring Savers Teen Club, teens can take part in many different programs that GCU has to offer, plus receive many great benefits.

Benefits to Teen Club Members

Access to Elements of Money 

Teens have access to our Elements of Money website where they will find fun and educational information on becoming financially savvy, including videos, articles, quizzes, blogs, podcasts and social media!

Educational Resources 

Guide to Money is a great tool to help teens understand concepts and build strategies for financial success! Topics include savings, checking, credit cards, money management and insurance basics. Ask any member service representative how to get a copy! 


Many GCU employees donate a portion of their paychecks to offer yearly scholarships to our high school graduates. Learn more about our scholarship program here

Added Benefits of GCU Membership 

  • Discounts on tickets to places like Noah's Ark, Mt Olympus, Six Flags and more!
  • Free Mobile Access with GuardianMobile 
  • Free Mobile Apps for the iPhone and Android 

Account Information

If it's your first checking account or if you're ready to move yours, we can set you up with an account that's right for you. Teens aged 17 or older can take advantage of services that provide easy account access and continue increasing their money management skills.

Saving Options

Teens can save for their goals by choosing special savings programs that offer great interest rates. 
If you need to pay for school, a car, or anything else, we can provide smart financing options.

Account Access: 

You can access your accounts from practically anywhere with GCU's online and mobile tools.