Guardian Mobile now has an iPhone and Android app that allows you to check account balances, view recent transactions, transfer funds, and pay bills to existing payees. To get started, you’ll need to be an existing user of Guardian Online and opt into Guardian Mobile from that system. It’s easy to do and takes seconds. Once you’ve allowed “Mobile Access” you can begin to login to Guardian Mobile from your smartphone. The system will confirm your login information along with your device to ensure it’s really you. Once you are logged in, you can view your information and make transactions safely and securely.

As of 11/02/12, users logging into mobile will no longer need to actively enroll for Mobile Banking prior to use. 

Users will be auto registered for Mobile Banking during their first successful login. Auto registration takes place once a user has done the following: 

  1. Successfully logs in via the Mobile Banking website or Mobile Banking app and 
  2. Successfully answers one of their challenge response questions.

To download our Android App, please visit the Google Play Store.

To download our iPhone App, please visit the Apple Store.