Guardian Online is free with any Guardian account. Fees for Stop Payment services requested may apply. 

Benefits of Guardian Online

Free account access

With Guardian Online you can view account balances, histories and paid checks. You can also transfer funds between your accounts and make loan payments. Use Communications Center to securely communicate to Member Services or others at Guardian. 

Complete control

Guardian Online gives you the tools and access to manage your finances. You can set up balance alerts, automatic transfers and payments. You can also create custom reports to analyze your spending habits and download information to be used with personal finance software. 

Dashboard Controls

Dashboard functions help you navigate through online banking even easier than before. 

  • Account Summary - Allows you to view account balances and drill down to account transaction history. 
  • Quick Transfer - Allows you to make a quick transfer between existing accounts.
  • Pay a Bill - Allows you to schedule a bill payment for an existing payee.
  • Money Manager - Basic chart that allow the member to track metrics such as Account Balance Summary, Logins per day and Bad login attempts per day. 
  • Pending Transactions - Within your Online banking you are able to see your pending debit card authorizations on the Account Center Screen. This is also available within mobile banking. 
  • Account Nickname - This allows you to nickname your accounts and loans while logged into your online banking.
  • Alert Center - Allows members to to set additional notifications for a Periodic Balance Reminder, CD Maturity, Deposits, Withdrawals, Purchases and Check Clearings. You can also clarify where you want your alerts to be sent to.
  • Person to Person Transfers - We now allow you to transfer easily and quickly to someone who has a GCU account as well as someone who doesn't.
  • Institution to Institution Transfers - Transfer funds to another institution quickly and easily without having to access online Bill Pay. 

Security Features

With Guardian's new security features you are able to add and update your own challenge questions and responses to make your online banking easier. You can set a one time password for added security as well. The one time password is sent to your number, text or email of choice to make your login extra secure. You can also customize your username so that you are able to login in with your member number or username that can be used in conjunction with your usual password. 

Already a member?

All members are set to go. Grab your member number to get started. The first time you sign on, use the last four digits of the primary account holder's social security number as a password. You will then be prompted to create a new password with security login information.