How to Save For Your Summer Vacation

With summer fast approaching, many see the warm, sunny weather as the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed vacation. While vacations often come with a cost, there are a handful of steps you can take to save money in the months leading up to your getaway.


  1. Create a budget – While a spontaneous vacation seems like a fun idea in theory, it’s a better financial decision to figure out how and where you’re going to spend your money beforehand. Food, travel, and lodging are just a few expenses that need to be accounted for. Setting aside money from every paycheck or opening an account specifically for funding your vacation are a couple ways to help with the budgeting process.


  1. Cut down costs by preparing as much as possible beforehand – This is another tip that cuts down on spontaneity but can greatly benefit your pockets in the long run. Research your vacation site so you know the area and costs of attractions ahead of time. Planning your destinations and meals or packing pre-made food beforehand can significantly cut down the costs of your trip. You can also find free activities in the area to take advantage of.


  1. Use a travel agent – It’s their job to find you the best deals, and they have an inside knowledge of where to find them. Using a travel agent can help ensure you’re only spending as much as you need to.


  1. Sell unneeded items to free up extra cash – Spring cleaning can offer a great savings opportunity by helping you catalog the items you don’t need anymore that can be sold in a garage sale leading up to your vacation. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to reduce clutter!


  1. Cut down on unnecessary spending leading up to your vacation – Making sacrifices is key. Buying a $5 coffee every morning might not seem like much in the moment, but it adds up. Brewing your own coffee or packing yourself a lunch to take to work instead of eating out can save valuable dollars so you can splurge a little more on yourself during your dream vacation.


  1. Look for local hidden gems – It may be tempting to take an all-inclusive trip out of the country, but a great way to save money is by visiting the attractions your area has to offer. This can save on travel & rental fees, freeing up more funds to spend on actual experiences themselves.

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