How to Show Love to Your Finances

When you think of Valentine’s Day, many things come to mind: flowers, chocolates, and maybe even a romantic movie or dinner.  However, one theme unites all these ideas: love. One thing that isn’t typically associated with love that sometimes doesn’t get enough of it is our finances. Here are a few ways to show your finances the affection they deserve this Valentine’s Day.


Know your worth – The best way to show love to your finances is to first show love to yourself by making sure YOU get paid. Before sending money anywhere else, make sure you set aside enough money in your savings to pay for the things that need to get paid for: your bills, mortgage, groceries, etc.

Appreciate what you have – Sometimes, less really IS more. By learning to appreciate what you have, you can cut out unnecessary expenses that can put a large financial strain on you.

Stay loyal – Playing off that last point, it’s also important to remember that loyalty is the name of the game. Staying true to your financial goals will be a huge help to you in the long run. By purchasing only what you need now, you can save up the money and free up the funds to buy what you want later.

Show your finances some attention – It helps to check in on your finances regularly. Are you paying for any unnecessary expenses that you might have forgot about? Has the cost of any of these expenses gone up recently, and now it’s time to reassess what you’re paying for? By keeping an eye on your where your money’s going, you can keep yourself (and your wallet) happy.

Be passionate – Your relationship with money should be mutually beneficial; if you show love to it, it will show love to you. And just like any relationship, this partnership should help strengthen and nurture your passions. By taking stock of the things you love, and how money can help in those pursuits, you both keep your goals in line and ensure your finances are accounted for when you’ve saved up enough money to spend a little bit.

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